Hodophile Adventures

1 Day Adventure Trip to Bhit Khori

Description :

Bhit Khori is a beautiful beach at 60 Kms from Karachi, one side is covered by high Rocky Mountains known as “The Arabian Rocks” and on the other side aqua blue water which sparkles in sunshine and will surely enchant your eyes. The bottomless water of the sea gives an amazing view to everyone who gazes at the sea. Since visiting a beach will always give you a feeling of being relaxed and satisfied, while walking on the golden sand at the water edge, feel the sea breeze and smell the saltiness of the sea you will really feel relaxed. The best time to visit Bhi Khori is October to March, when the water is crystal clear and you can have the best experience of cliff jumping, snorkeling and underwater photography. Scuba Diving facility is also offered as per client’s wish. Apart from it playing beach games will energize you at the shore like volleyball, soccer, building sandcastles etc.