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Written by Saqlain Majeed at November 3, 2022
Swat Valley blog

Swat is known as the Switzerland of the East because of its elegant landscapes, adoring red cottages, and stunning meadows. Pakistan is the land of beauty, and Swat is proof of that. Swat valley has numerous things for outsiders. Swat valley is located in Khyber Phatunkhawn province of Pakistan at a straight drive of 6 hours from Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan. Although the flood in Pakistan in 2022 poorly affects major cities, there are plenty of places to visit in Swat in winter.

Notably, if you go to see all the places in Swat, you will watch a few of them. Therefore, we’ve compiled the best tourist spots in Swat, especially when you are visiting in winter. Without further ado, Let’s get straight into it.

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba, the only ski resort in Pakistan, is among the top visited places in Swat, especially in winter. Malam Jabba is the best place for trekking, hiking, camping, and family holidays. It offers mega facilities for winter sporting and adventure tourism.

Moreover, the newly constructed green valley adventure Park in Malam Jabba adds up the tourist attractions in swat Valley. Mallam Jabba is a well-known hill station in swat valley. It’s a paradise for skiers as Mallam Jabba hosts the world ski Championship every year.

Located at 8100 – 9200 feet above sea level, this adventurous place is 314 Km from Islamabad and 48 km from swat city. The place’s temperature in winter usually ranges from -11c to 5c.


Malam Jabba

Kalam Valley

Another adventurous place to visit in Swat during winter is Kumrat Valley. The glorious Valley, located in the upper Dir district, has enormous places that attract tourists due to their scenic views. Moreover, Kala Chasma and Kumrat Waterfalls are famous places to visit in winter. The Valley has located 370 km from the Capital of Pakistan at a drive of 8h 30m.


Kalam Valley

Ushu Forest

2km wide, Ushu Forest is the ideal place for fishing, hiking, and trekking. The tranquil beauty of the Ushu forest makes it the among the most mesmerizing places in Swat. In Ushu, tourism has been the source of income to date.

Moreover, the shadows of trees waving by the wind transform the stunning forest into a famous tourist attraction.  In winter, the solitary road remains usually blocked due to glaciers, and the routes are opened in summer after melting the glaciers.Ushu forest, located at a distance of 404 Km from Islamabad, includes a dazzling spot where you can camp and enjoy the beautiful night views.


Ushu Forest trip

White Palace Marghazar

Located in Marghazar, a small town in Swat, the White Marble Palace is the center of attraction for many tourists due to its royal shine. The Wali-e-Swat built the Palace for its summer residency. Nowadays, it serves as a tourist resort. White Palace attracts tourists because of its mesmerizing beauty of white Marble.

The white Palace is 247 km from the Capital of Pakistan, and it usually takes around 4 hours to reach this fabulous place. Hodophile Adventures will take you through the best possible routes to make your tour more adoring.


White Palace Marghazar


Want to do some shopping? Head to the Mingora bazaar. It is the most convenient place for tourists to do last-minute shopping before leaving the Swat Valley. There are enormous shops in Mingora cities that sell merchandise.

Mingora has plenty of restaurants, guesthouses, coffee shops, and western food outlets that serve both fast food and local cuisine. Moreover, the Hodophile Adventures tour to Mingora provides you with the most comfortable travel and affordable accommodations. Mingora has located 234 km from the Capital of Pakistan at a straight drive of 3h 30m.


Mingora Tour
Saidu Sharif

Saidu Sharif, the Capital of Swat Valley, hosts all the city’s government offices. It is the entry point to the Swat Valley. Apart from that, Saidu Sharif is home to stunning restaurants, delicious cuisine, cafes, and hotels. Enjoy the best accommodations and residency with Hodophile tour packages to Saidu Sharif.

Saidu Sharif hosts many tourist attractions like the Swat Museum, the Buddhist relics from the 2nd century BC, Saidu Sharif Stupa, and much more. Many tourists use Saidu Sharif as a base station and take tours to other places from here.

At a height of 3180 feet, Saidu Sharif is at a distance of 230km (142 miles) from Islamabad through Swat Motorway. This usually takes about 3h 30m to reach there from the Capital.


Saidu Sharif Trip

Madyan is the most loved hill station in Swat. The panoramic views and delicious cuisines attract tourist to it. Trout fish is among the favorite dish here in Madyan. Moreover, Weather in Madyan is so pleasant and welcoming.

Madyan has located 280 km from Islamabad at a stay drive of almost 5 hours via AH1/M-1 and M-16. Hodophile Adventures Madyan tour includes luxury transport, making your trip more relaxing.


Madyan Valley Tour
Buddha Stupas

Are you into history? Never miss a chance to visit Butkara Stupa, the famous Buddhist stupa near Mingora. The historical place was constructed in the 2nd century by the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka.

Butkara Stupa is the holy place for Buddhists and holds its place among the top-visited astrological sites in Pakistan. In the past, it was the center for the religious teaching of Buddhists. Buddha Stupa has located 70 km from the Capital, and it usually takes 1.5 hours to get there on the Wah Cantt – HMC Road.


Butkara Stupa
Bahrain Mingora

Bahrain, also spelled as Behrain, is located near Mingora. The place was named Bahrain due of its location at the conflux of the Swat rivers and Daral. Bahrain is famous for handicrafts, tourists resort, and the mesmerizing view of the Darai and Swat rivers.

Although The flood in Pakistan in 2022 badly affected the area, Behrain has much more to offer. Check out the details at Hodophile Adventures Behrain tour packages.


Bahrain Mingora​
FAQs: 10 Best Places to Visit in Swat in Winter

You can visit the Swat Valley year-round, but due to extreme weather conditions in northern Pakistan, it is highly recommended to visit anytime between October – November.

The main attractions Swat Valley is famous for are Mahodand Lake, Kalam, Saidu Sharif, Malam Jabba, Mingora, Takht-i-Bahi, White Palace, Ushu Forest, and Buddha Stupas. You must have to include these places in your Swat eternity.

Swat is known as Switzerland of the East due of its snowy mountains, crystal-clear rivers, and astonishing scenery. Moreover, the Valley is adventurous for hikers, leisure lovers, and campers.

The Swat Valley is undoubtedly the “Switzerland of Pakistan” because of its magnificent viewpoints and enormous places to visit in winter. From the snow-capped mountains to the most visited archaeological sites, Swat has a lot to offer.

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