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Written by Masood Ahmed at November 12, 2022
Shogran Valley Blog

Are you looking for a small gateway to the hilly mountains and want to be lost in nature? Why not skip all the crowded places in Northern Pakistan and spend your vacation exploring Shogran Valley instead?

From the hilly mountains to the lush green meadows, Shogran Valley is a perfect place for a small vacation trip. The cool weather, alluring views, and relaxing pine forest attract tourists to it.

Planning to Shogran Valley? We’ve covered all the best places to visit in Shogran so you can get maximum from your short trip to Shogran. Therefore, without further ado, let dive straight into it.


Siri Paye

Just 7 km from the Shogran, Sire Paye is one of the spectacular Natural tourist attractions in Shogran Valley. Located at about 3000 meters above sea level, its stunning meadows are perfect for a picnic, horse riding, and walking amidst nature.

Siri Paye is an excellent, picturesque place, especially in spring when the whole region becomes filled with colorful blooms. In winter, snow-covered the region, making it difficult to walk.


Siri Paye

Mini Zoo Shogran

In the hilly areas of Shogran, a mini zoo is the center of attraction for people interested in wildlife. Many wild animals and birds are available in the zoo, and many activities for the children. Parents can also participate in the activities to have fun with their children.

The zoo is the perfect place to spend some time in nature and an eco-friendly environment. Never miss a chance to add this nurturing land to your Shogran Itinerary.


Mini Zoo Shogran

Malkandi Forest

Malkandi Forest, located east of Siri Paye, is an adventurous place in Shogran for mountaineers. Malkandi Forest is a thickly wooded area suitable for people interested in hiking and trekking. The weather in the forest is unpredictable so keep the essential accessories with you.

Notably, while hiking or trekking, you can encounter wild animals, so be prepared mentally for the challenges you can face on the way. Hodophile Adventures provides proper safety to all the members on the journey.


Malkandi Forest

Makra Peak

Located at about 3,750 m above sea level, Makra peak is another popular place in Shogran. From the Siri Paye basecamp, there is about a 7-8 hours hike to Makra peak. This hilltop is at the border of KP and AJK and much higher than nearby hills.

Makra peak is also known as spider peak due to its resemblance to a spider web. Moreover, you can enjoy hiking, trekking, and photography. The best time to visit Makra Choti is summer because the snow covers the whole peak in winter, making it difficult to hike.


Makra Peak tour

Musa Ka Musalla

Musa ka Musalla, the second highest mountain in Siran Valley, is located at about 4080m above sea level. It is a beautiful hill offering astonishing views and beautiful hiking experiences. The weather on the peak remains cool throughout the year. Musa ka Musalla offers a pleasant environment to spend your vacation in an adventurous way.

Musa ka Musalla is accessible from either Siran Valley or Kaghan Valley. There are multiple trekking routes available to reach the stunning hilltop.


Musa Ka Musalla
Balakot is the tourist hub in Shogran Valley. Located on the bank of the Kunhar River, this wonderland is full of helmets. Moreover, enormous lodging options are available, from luxurious ones to the most affordable ones. With the city’s significant expansion, the nurturing land is surrounded by lush green meadows and hills that add to the beauty of the place. 

Long story short, Balakot is a perfect escape from the hectic daily routine. Book your tour to Balakot with Hodophile Adventure to make a hassle-free and great adventurous trip.


Balakot Bazaar
Lughmani Hill

Lughmani Hill is located in the upper part of Mansehra on the bypass road near the beautiful Gousia Mosque. The hilltop is an iconic place to have a panoramic view of the whole city of Mansehra, the nearby Mountains, and the lavish trees. There is a beautiful hike to the hilltop where you can spend some time relaxing in the calm natural environment.

Many restaurants and shops are available on the top where you can enjoy the delectable cuisines and do some last-minute shopping.


Lughmani Hills
Kunhar Valley Viewpoint

Kunhar Valley viewpoint is among the most beautiful places to visit in Shogran Valley. Located 22 km from Balakot, this wonderland is surrounded by towering mountains, lush green trees, and a river. Near the Kunhar Valley, there lies a Kunhar river, the watershed of the Indus River.

From the Kunhar Valley viewpoint, you can enjoy the unfathomable view of the gleaming Kunhar river shimmering in the sun. Never miss a chance to visit Kunhar Valley viewpoint on your Shogran Valley tour.


Kunhar River Valley View Point
Machiara National Park

Machiara national park is located near Muzaffarabad. This national park is situated west of Neelum Valley and east of Kaghan Valley. This park attracts tourists due to its picturesque landscape and lush green ground.

Machia National Park is one of the most visited places in Shogran Valley that you must add to your Shogran Valley Itinerary.


Machiara National Park
Frequently Asked Questions

Located at about 3000 m above sea level, Shogran is a well-renowned hill station. The Valley is full of enormous Natural attractions and snowy mountains that draw tourist attention.

The best time to visit Shogran is summer, between June and August when the day temperature is 20c and at night it will be about 2c. Never forget to pack your blanket at night because the nights are usually chilly, even in summer.

During the winter, the snow usually covers the whole region of Shogran. But the unfathomable land is accessible despite heavy snowfall. In winter, the region becomes a whole new personality with its snow-capped mountains.

Shogran Valley is full of stunning natural attractions, making it a perfect gateway for friends, couples, and family Vacations. From the towering mountains to the lush green meadows, Shogran is home to many fascinating tourist spots. Shogran is a perfect escape to spend some time in nature away from the stress of life.

Hodophile Adventures offers the best affordable tours to Shogran Valley so that you can enjoy the best vacation trip with your loved one. You can browse Hodophile pk to see guidelines about all the popular tours in Pakistan.

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