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Written by Masood Ahmed at November 29, 2022
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Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan, is famous for its cultural diversity. This Pakistan’s most sparsely populated region has been blessed with gorgeous natural bounties. The stunning villages, luscious valleys, and breathtaking beaches in Balochistan are the center of attraction for tourists.

Balochistan is home to various astonishing beaches with the most alluring views of the Arabian Sea. From the golden sand to the calm green water, beaches in Balochistan are aplenty for the locals and outsiders.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 beaches in Balochistan that you must add to your Balochistan Itinerary. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into it. 


Astola Island

Above all, Astola island is among the most famous beaches in Pakistan due to its sandy beaches, small Rocky Mountains, and crystal-clear water. Astola Island is located in the Arabian sea 40 km east of Pasni district in Balochistan. This 6.7 km long and 2.4 km wide Island is the center of tourist attraction due to its marine biodiversity. Astola Island is also known as “the island of seven mountains” or “Jezira haft Talar” in the local language.

To reach this stunning Island, you need a boat ride that makes your trip more exciting. Moreover, Scuba diving, camping expeditions, swimming, and fishing are fun activities at Astola Island.


Astola Island tour

Gwadar Beach

Gwadar beach, the highest deep harbor in Pakistan, is among the most-visited tourist places in Pakistan. This sightseeing place is located about 617 Km from Karachi, which takes about 8 hours to get there via Makran highway. The crystal-clear water and astonishing wind-carved rock formations make it a famous tourist spot in Balochistan, Pakistan. Gwadar beach is a tourist hub of Pakistan, hosting a swarm of tourists yearly.

Gwadar beach is the safest place to visit in Balochistan. Surprisingly, it increases Pakistan tourism, positively impacting the homeland’s growth.


Gwadar Beach

Jiwani Beach

Located in the southwestern part of Balochistan, Jiwani Beach is the center of attraction for tourists due to its mesmerizing sunset views. The crystal clear water and the astonishing calm waves add to the beauty of the shores. At Jiwani Beach, you can enjoy boating, fishing, camping, and much more.

Moreover, the beautiful stones and rocks draw tourist attention toward it, making Jiwani Beach one of the most-visited beaches of Balochistan. Hodophile Adventures provides the best camping experience during your Balochistan beaches tour.


Jiwani Beach

Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir Beach is one of the most breathtaking beaches in Baluchistan. Located 150 Km from the Zero-Point on the Makran Coastal Highway, this wanderlust land is a part of Hingol National Park. Kund Malir Beach is the most picturesque place in Balochistan due to its mesmerizing and alluring views and lush green grounds.

Notably, while visiting Kund Malir Beach, never miss a chance to see the famous statue of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie named “Princess of Hope.” Long story short, Kund Malir Beach is a perfect tourist destination for friends and families.


Kund Malir Beach

Ormara Beach

Next on the list is Ormara Beach. Located about 360 km west of Karachi, this incredible and precious gem of Balochistan has much to offer. Ormara Beach is one of the most beautiful and liveliest beaches in Balochistan. The long-stretched white sandy shore offers relaxation and tranquillity for travelers. 

Ormara Beach is also famous for its stunning views of the Arabian Sea. Moreover, you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of bustling clusters of stars above your head at night.


Ormara Beach Tour
Pasni Beach

Pasni, located in the Gwadar district, is a small city and fish harbor in Baluchistan. Pasni beach is among the top attractions in Balochistan. The pristine and unspoiled Pasni beach offers the most awe-inspiring sceneries of the Arabian sea. The beautiful coastal area of Pasni is located on Makran Highway, and Karachi to Pasni distance is about 450 km. At Pasni beach, you can enjoy fishing as it is the famous fishing spot in Gwadar, Baluchistan.

Notably, December and January are the coldest months at Pasni; you must visit the breathtaking Beach of Balochistan between April and November.


Pasni Beach
Pishukan Beach

Pishukan beach is among the charming coastal areas of Pakistan. Despite the golden sand and crystal-clear green water, Pishukan is the most petite visited Beach in Baluchistan. Located 40 km away on the east side of Gwadar, this is a beautiful but unexplored gem of Baluchistan.

The mesmerizing coastal scenery and Natural beauty of sand dunes attract tourists to it. Moreover, if you love adventurous beaches, the Rocky Mountains, and hills, you will find enormous, interesting spots at Pishukan beach.


Pishukan Beach tour
Sapat Beach

At 220 km from Karachi, Sapat Beach is located in the Lasbella district of Balochistan. This breathtaking shore is home to a unique rock formation called Bujih Koh, a cliff rising from the sand.

To reach this beautiful gem in Balochistan, you need a 4×4 jeep because you have to drive 20 km on the sandy road. On the way to Sapat Beach, you will encounter many mud volcanos. Notably, Sapat Beach lacks basic amenities, so bring them with you, such as food, drink, etc. Hodophile adventure provides you with the best local cuisine on your journey.


Sapat Beach
Padi Zar

Next on the list is Padi Zar Beach. Located in the south Balochistan Gwadar, this Beautiful beach is home to many fishermen who spend weeks and even months on the beach making their boats. You can also enjoy the mesmerizing view of Koh-e-Batil from the beach. You will see many children on the beach playing with paper boats.

Sonmiani Beach

Last but not least, Sonmiani Beach is among the most beautiful beaches in Balochistan. Located 145 km from Karachi, Sonmiani Beach is home to various fish species. The stunning huts and unfathomable sunrise and sunset views from Sonmiani Beach make it one of the most visited beaches in Pakistan.

Moreover, you can also enjoy fishing in the crystal-clear blue water of the beach. Hodophile adventures beach tour provides luxurious tours to make your vacation unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Balochistan has several beautiful beaches. Some famous beaches in Balochistan are Astola Island, Kund Malir Beach, Gwadar Beach, and Pishukan. These beaches are the center of attention for tourists.

Balochistan is renowned for its extended coastal belt, including all the famous beaches of Balochistan, such as Sonmiani, Pasni, Gwadar, Ormara, Jiwani, and many more. Balochistan is also famous for its rugged mountainous range.

Yes, Quetta City has many beaches, which are the perfect gateway to your family vacation and friends’ gateway. Torre Quetta beach is one of the most famous beaches in the Bari Region.

Indeed Pakistan is now becoming one of the favorite spots for foreign tourists. But unfortunately, Balochistan, a precious gem of Pakistan, is still unexplored. Thanks to CPEC, people are now investing in Balochistan to enhance the region’s beauty.

It would be best to visit the beaches in Balochistan to explore Pakistan’s unmatched beauty. Hodophlie adventures provide exclusive tour packages to make your vacation memorable and full of adventure.

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