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Written by Saqlain Majeed at November 27, 2022
Mayfund Festival Blog

Skardu, the land of giants, is located in the northern part of Pakistan, on the bank of the Indus River. It is a bustling valley with a strong cultural and historical background. The Mayfung Festival is celebrated in Skardu with traditional zeal and enthusiasm.

The MayFung Festival is a unique and exceptionally ethereal event. It is a great opportunity to experience cultural excursions, watch traditional dance performances, and indulge in the local cuisine.

During the festival, the people of Skardu demonstrate their traditional customs and culture, which compels the visitors to look at things holistically.


Why is the Mayfung festival celebrated?

The Mayfung Festival is celebrated on the 21st of December every year to welcome winter. It marks the shortest day of the year when the temperature drops below minus 20°C. According to local customs, people light bonfires and play with fire to say goodbye to the harsh winter season. People gather around the bonfires and pray for prosperity and good luck in the coming year.


History and origin of the Mayfung Festival

The origins of the festival are believed to date back to the 15th century when the Balti people, who had migrated from Tibet, celebrated the festival in honor of their patron saint, the Bodhisattva Padmasambhava. The festival is also associated with the Nubra Valley, located in the northeast of the region, where people traditionally celebrate the arrival of the sun after the long winter months.


May Fang in Baltistan

Celebration and Rituals of the Mayfung Festival

The main ritual of the festival is the lighting of the Mayfung Fire. This is an ancient tradition and is still followed today. The fire is lit by the local community and is a symbol of fertility and abundance. It is believed that this ritual brings good luck and prosperity to the local community.

The festival also includes singing, dancing, and other traditional activities. People dress up in traditional attire and take part in the festivities. The women wear colorful dresses, and the men wear traditional waistcoats.

The other rituals performed during the festival include breaking eggs, which are believed to bring good luck and health. People also exchange gifts and offer prayers for prosperity and good fortune.


Mayfung festival history

Popular Attractions of the Mayfung Festival

The May Fung Festival also provides an opportunity to explore the wonderlands of Skardu and to witness the nurturing environment of the valley. The breathtaking landscape of the valley, with its snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and alluring views, leaves everyone spellbound.

Moreover, the festival includes traditional music, dance, food and sports, and various activities such as horse and yak racing, camel racing, traditional wrestling and tug-of-war. Experience the best of what the Mayfung Festival has to offer with Hodophile Adventures‘ tour.

Other popular attractions include camel rides, paragliding, and a traditional bazaar where local crafts and goods are sold. The festival ends with a grand finale fireworks display.


May Fang Sword Dance

Tips for Visiting Mayfung Festival

1. Dress appropriately for cold weather: The festival is held during the winter months in Skardu, so dress warmly and in layers.

2. Bring your camera: Mayfung Festival is a great opportunity to capture some beautiful shots of the area.

3. Try the local cuisine: There will be plenty of local food and drinks available, so make sure to try some of the local specialities.

4. Visit other attractions: Skardu is home to enormous attractions, so take some time to explore the area.

5. Respect the culture: Be respectful of the local culture and customs, as this is an important part of the experience.

Experience the magnificence of Mayfung festivals with Hodophile adventures! Enjoy the utmost comfort of luxury accommodations, convenient transport and knowledgeable local guides.


May Fang fire dance Baltistan
To Wrap Up

The Mayfung Festival in Skardu is a unique celebration of the culture and traditions of the region. It is a time for travellers to experience the local customs and participate in the festivities, as well as an opportunity to witness the spectacular landscape of the region.

This festival is a great way to immerse oneself in the culture and history of the region and enjoy a unique experience. Experience the Mayfang festival with hodophile adventures, exploring the local culture, cuisine and culture-filled activities!


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