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Written by Mam Humera at October 20, 2022
Hunza Valley

Hunza valley is among the most attractive tourist destinations in Pakistan. it has its unique culture, rhythm, and tradition, making visitors fall in love with the extremely hospitable and relaxing atmosphere.

Hunza valley is the epitome of travel in Pakistan. While planning vacations in Pakistan, Hunza valley draws tourist attention toward it with great panoramic views and crystal-clear lakes.

We’ve created this comprehensive Hunza travel guide based on our experience in the region. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get right into it.


Where is Hunza Valley?

Hunza Valley, known as the “Heaven of Pakistan,” is a mountainous region in the northern Pakistan, the sovereign area of Gilgit-Baltistan. This mesmerizing region is located in the Himalayas and borders the Karakoram mountains to the northeast.

The Hunza Valley has 3 major regions, Upper Hunza, Centre Hunza, and Lower Hunza. Divisions are based on the mountainous geography of the region.


Places To Visit in Hunza Valley

Although, there are plenty of places attached to Hunza Valley, here we’ve discussed top 5 places to visit in Hunza Valley. Moreover, if you need guidance about any other destination, you can visit our website we’ll provide you complete assistance about it.

Hunza Valley tour

Attabad Lake

A beautiful creation of natural disaster, Attabad Lake, is located at the 30 min drive from karimabad. This lake didn’t exist 12 years ago. It is the result of a landslide in 2010 which flooded the whole region.

This turquoise lake is among the main attractions of Hunza valley and is undoubtedly among the most charming places in Pakistan. You must add this place to the bucket list of vacations to Pakistan.


Attabad Lake

Baltit Fort

Perched atop a hill called Baltit Fort overlooks the magnificent valley of Karimabad, its surrounding valleys, and the Rakaposhi peaks. It is among the most extrusive landmarks in the Hunza valley.

Notably, to see the beautiful fort built up on ancient design and surrounded by snowy mountains, you need to hike for about 15 min. However, the structure was changed several times, but Mir significantly changed the architecture on its marriage with the princess of Baltistan.

This resulted in the Tibetan style of architecture in the structure of the Baltit fort, which can be seen today.


Baltit Fort

Borith Lake

The trip to Hunza is incomplete without visiting Borith lake. This stunning lake, located in the upper region, is about 8200 feet from sea level. This lake is on a drive of 2km from Golchin Village.

Nevertheless, on your trip to Borith Lake, you should not miss a walk through the local village and get a chance to interact with the natives. People there are so polite and interactive that they will make you feel like home.


Borith Lake
Hussaini Bridge

Hunza also houses one of the most horrible bridges in the world, The Hussaini Bridge. The 650-feet long and built up of 472 wooden planks, this bridge is the point of attraction for tourists.

Although the tourists are not allowed to cross the bridge, they can see many natives coming and going across the bridge. Hanging just a few meters above the Hunza valley, Hussaini bridge scares many tourists with its precarious look.


Hussaini Bridge tour
Khunjerab Pass – The Highest Border in The World

At 4600m high, Khunjerab Pass is the entry point of China. The road to this Border is smooth as the pictures on Instagram. Notably, be prepared for the cold weather because of the high altitude. We were warmly welcome by snow at the end of July. 

There is the world’s highest ATM, but unfortunately, that was out of order when we visited the place.


Khunjerab Pass – The Highest Border in The World
Eagle Nest

As the name suggests, Eagle Nest is a spot where you can get a magnificent panoramic view of the whole Hunza valley. This stunning viewpoint is located at the 30-min steep drive from karimabad.

Moreover, the hoteling at Eagle Nest was one of our mesmerizing events during our whole trip to Hunza. In our tour to Hunza valley, Eagle Nest is a must-visit location.

You shouldn’t miss these places on your trip to Hunza Valley.


Eagle Nest Hunza Valley
What is the popular food of Hunza Valley?

Hunza Valley is most famous for its traditional cuisine. You can’t complete your Hunza trip without tasting these delicious foods. Let’s see the popular food of Hunza Valley. Diram Pitti, Chapshuro, Gyaling/Gral, Buroshapik/Ghilmindi, and Tumoro Tea are the most ordered food in Hunza valley. 

We had ordered Gyaling/Gral, and this food undoubtedly left us speechless. Yellow oil is a most expensive ingredient in the world, yet it is one of the things available in abundance in Hunza.


Popular food of Hunza Valley
Islamabad To Hunza Distance

The distance between Islamabad and Hunza is about 320 km. The road distance is about 581 km. The distance may vary based on the mean of travel you choose. The best-recommended route to reach Hunza is taking a flight to Gilgit and then taking a taxi to Hunza.

Moreover, you can drive to Hunza, which will take about 8 hours of continuous driving.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hunza Valley's specialty is its fertile land, cutting it from the rest of the world. Hunzas consume mostly a plant-based diet because they are isolated; they can't access that much amount of oil required for daily cooking.

The best time to visit this beautiful heaven on earth is between April and October. Due to the mild and warm temperature, you will see a lot of local and Chinese flocking to the Hunza valley in the summer months of June and July.

Yes, Hunza is a much safer place to visit rather than other places in northern Pakistan. Hunza has the lowest crime rate in Pakistan. Therefore, it's safe to travel to Hunza by road.

Hunzai culture influences almost all aspects of an individual's life. Moreover, Hunzai people carry their culture to all the places they go. You can see their cultural reflection in their architecture, lifestyle, music, and all other traditions.

That’s a comprehensive Hunza travel guide covering all the must-visit tourist places in Hunza. Moreover, Hunza has plenty of tourist destinations where you can stay and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Hunza draws tourists toward them with its lavish scenic views. Notably, you must be prepared for cold weather in Hunza. As you can expect, there is snow in September as well.

Moreover, you can visit hodophile.pk to see different packages based on your budget and the type of comfort you choose.

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